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Portable Alert Phone

Our unique device allows two way voice communication between user, family & friends directly through a wrist or neck worn pendant… We are extending free Nationwide delivery on orders placed before the 31st May 2017

It’s a discreet Medical or Emergency Alert device that works like a standard phone.

Possible Application:
If the user feels threatened or suffers a fall around the house, upon activating the unit it dialling pre-programmed numbers and 2 way voice communication opens across the device. This lets family members or friends find out what has happened and give direct re-assurance to the user that help is on its way. Outside of emergencies it allows users to receive regular incoming telephone calls through the wrist pendant and have a normal conversation anywhere around the house or garden…

Note:      A landline phone is required in the house

Full product and ordering information is available through the following link:

Portable Alert Phone

(We also Install and Service Wired and Wireless Intruder Alarms, CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems, Electric Gates and Barriers in the following City and County Locations: Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Waterford, Galway, Kilkenny, Clare, Kerry, Kildare, Meath, Tipperary & surrounding counties)

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